"Do You Want to Make Your Website Work Harder to Bring in More Clients?"

"I never cease to be amazed by the fact that no-one really tells you that putting up a website doesn't automatically mean that everyone and his dog will be beating down your door to obtain your services..."

Lee Walder
Internet Professional

Redlaw Resources

You know the Internet is a very powerful medium for advertising your business, but few people know how to do this properly.

It is assumed that because a website is 'on the Internet' that the entire world can instantly see what you have to offer. Unfortunately that's what the owners of several million other business website owners in the UK also think.

Competing with that many pages is difficult especially when research shows that 95% of searchers don't go beyond the top 20 results! So if you are not in that top 20, you're virtually invisible.

Redlaw Resources has worked with business website owners such as yourselves since 2000, so we know the difficulties faced.

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Hi, my name is Lee Walder.

I have been on the Internet for over 14 years now, running a business that helps people like you make sense of, and a success of, being on the Internet. For all of that time, I have successfully used search engines to promote client websites across a whole range of products and services across Europe, the USA and Canada.

Now I can help you with success too by offering marketing and promotion for your website. Ring my number to find out more details.

Specialising in Local Search Promotion, including Mobile Websites, QR Codes, Google+ Local and other services.

"Have any questions for me, or a specific need? Just ask via this address. "

lee @ redlaw. co. uk

(I'll respect your privacy)


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