"Website Marketing - Putting You in Front and Generating More Clients."

"If you're a website owner, you may already know that Internet traffic is a powerful tool for targeting new customers and generating more qualified leads.

But getting that traffic can be difficult and time-consuming. The Packages we offer make this process simpler and applies all the hidden 'rules' of the Search Engines to your website in order to get it ranked higher and start attracting more traffic."

Lee Walder
Internet Professional

Redlaw Resources

Who is This Service For?

It is designed for small businesses and anyone else who is relatively new to websites and/or is looking to attract more traffic and therefore gain more clients.

Packages start from just £95 per month, a small price for the potential payoff of your new-found traffic. Registration is available on a first-come, first-served basis and payment is required in advance to secure your place*1.

Your business website should be on your own domain and not on a free hosting service*2.

What is Marketing and Promotion?

It's a means of making sure YOUR website is properly presented and has a presence on the Internet.

I can achieve this using a variety of methods and a free analysis is available. Just call me.

Let me help you succeed with my customised packages. Ring my number for more details or to book your package. A payment is required to book a package*1.

*1 You may pay by credit card over the telephone to secure a booking straight away or you can pay by cheque. The latter will require cheque clearance before a booking is confirmed so you will normally need to allow 1 week for this.

*2 You should own your own domain name. Not only does it appear more professional, it is usually faster and more reliable than free services. Finally, and more importantly, it is usually impossible to optimise free domains fully because of the restrictions the host usually places on the service. You are therefore limiting your own presence on the Internet.

*3 We offer customised optimisation so it's important to us we get it right. So your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back.

"Have any questions for me, or a specific need? Just ask via this address. "

lee @ redlaw. co. uk

(I'll respect your privacy)


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